The Architects of the Great War

The Architects of the Great War

Private soldiers and lower-rank commanders fought in the battlefields of the First World War. However, the key decisions about the offensives, sieges, and marches were made by marshals and generals – the architects of the Great War.


August von Mackensen (1849–1945) – German Field Marshall. In May of 1915 he commanded the forces during the Russian front breakthrough offensive at Gorlice. In August and September of 1915 the forces commanded by Mackensen inflicted a serious defeat on the Russian army at Brześć and Pińsk, which resulted in driving the Russian forces out of the Kingdom of Poland.


Viktor Dankl von Kraśnik (1854–1941) – Colonel General of the Austro-Hungarian army. In August of 1914 he was put in command of the Austro-Hungarian First Army and during the First World War he commanded the fights in Galicia. After the war he assumed chancellorship of the Maria Theresa Order.
Hans von Seeckt (1866–1936) – German military officer. In 1914 he commanded the German III “Brandenburg” Corps Army attacking in the direction of Paris, and then was transferred to the Eastern Front. After the end of the Great War and the dissolution of the imperial army, he was charged with the task to organize the new apolitical army.
Radko Ruskow Dimitrijew (1859–1918) – General in the Russian army, of Bulgarian origin. During the Great War he was in command of the Russian First and Third Armies, among others. In September of 1918 he was captured by the Red Guards units and shot to death in Pyatigorsk together with other officers of the tsarist army.
  Aleksei Alekseevich Brusilov (1853–1926) – Russian general in cavalry. Since the beginning of the Great War he was in command of the Eighth Army fighting in Galicia. As a commander of the front he planned and implemented a successful offensive in July of 1916 in Volhynia (the so-called Brusilov Offensive). Since 1919 he served in the Red Army.
Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski (1866–1928) – Feldmarschalleutnant of the Royal-Imperial Army, General of Arms in the Polish Army. In 1914 he was the commanding officer of the 12th Artillery Brigade of the Kraków-based 12th Infantry Division. He played one of the key roles in the Battle of Gorlice in May of 1915. Even during the First World War he made attempts at creating the Polish army. In 1918 he became the Chief of Staff of the General Staff of the Polish Army.

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