Along the roads, paths and byways of Lipnica

Panorama of Lipnica Wielka from a bird’s eye view, in the foreground the brick Church of St Luke the Evangelist, Babia Góra on the horizon.
The Lipnica Wielka municipality is a place where you can get some rest from the big city hustle and bustle, hurry and everyday problems. On one side, it is tucked up against the Queen of the Beskids – Babia Góra. Fused with its beauty and naturalness, but also its hardness and toughness, it creates a harmonious whole along with the mountain. Its lower part touches the surface of the Orava reservoir, which is why it is often bathed in silver mist.

It consists of two charming villages: Lipnica Wielka and Kiczory (the youngest of the Orava villages). Nearly half the territory of the municipality consists of forests, which speaks to the natural wealth, picturesque appearance, healthy air, beauty and peace of this site. Visitors to these parts will be welcomed by the hospitable and cordial inhabitants who nurture the living Orava culture. Those who crave communion with nature and hiking will find here – in the vicinity of the Babia Góra National Park – beautifully situated forests and glades, breathtaking views, rushing mountain streams, and the scents and fruits of the forest.


The most important attractions of the Lipnica Wielka municipality have been gathered in the guide Po lipnickich drogach, dróżkach i bezdrożach’ [Along the Roads, Paths and Byways of Lipnica] published by the Lipnica Wielka Association in Orava, which can be viewed as a PDF file. It presents a selection of 17 objects and places from the heart of Orava which are definitely worth visiting. The guide also includes information about the Orava reservoir, Babia Góra, Gruba Jodła [Thick Fir], which is a natural monument, the sulphur springs, the historical Church of St Luke the Evangelist and the bell towers. The texts in the guide were compiled by Karolina Kowalczyk.

Okładka przewodnika

The colourful Polish-Slovak border region is worth visiting.  Lipnica Wielka is waiting to be discovered!