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To the Brzanka summit - Trasa - VisitMalopolska


Na szczyt Brzanki

To the Brzanka summit

Length of trail: 26
Ryglice Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice
This indirect trip to the highest peak of the Brzanka Ridge leads from Tuchów, first on a blue bicycle trail to Burzyn, and then along green signs to the summit of Brzanka and to the tourist refuge. From the refuge, cycle down to Ryglice along the yellow bicycle trail. Once in the town, why not visit the Baroque palace from the 17th and 19th centuries. Then climb the ridge passing through the hamlets of Zalasowa. You will eventually reach the signs of the green trail turning left, which will take you back to Tuchów through the Tuchów forest.
Tuchów – Burzyn – Brzanka – Ryglice – Zalasowa – Tuchów