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Kwatera legionistów na cmentarzu parafialnym Bydlin

Legionary Quarter on the Parish Cemetery in Bydlin

Miejsce bitwy pod Krzywopłotami, Bydlin
ul. Zawadka, 32-310 Bydlin Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska
A large Legionary Quarter with a magnificent stone cross is located on the Parish Cemetery in Bydlin, on the east side of Świętego Krzyża Mount.
Lieutenant Stanisław Paderewski, step-brother of the famous pianist Ignacy Jan Paderewski is buried there among 46 fallen soldiers of the Polish Legions. A war quarter with three mass graves of 284 soldiers from the Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies is also located on this cemetery. The ruins of a small castle with visible trench remnants are located above, on the other side of the road on the forested hill.

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