Małopolska for skiers

Narciarze na wyciągu krzesełkowym
As frost turns water into ice, and the ground is covered with a layer of white, powdery snow, the valleys and mountain slopes of Małopolska spring back to life. Thousands of snow frenzy enthusiasts travel to famous ski resorts.
The part of the Carpathians that lies in Małopolska, outside the Tatras, is covered with mountains of medium and low height, making it a real El Dorado for the beginner and intermediate level skiers. The gentle slopes are also perfect for families with children – good tourist infrastructure and special routes for children guarantee safe snow fun. Advanced skiers will obviously find something to suit their needs in the mountains as well. Many of them tend to go to Zakopane, with its famous Kasprowy Wierch mountain, while presently more and more of them choose the ski stations in Białka Tatrzańska and Krynica-Zdrój. Each year, both small and large centres are assessed in a competition for the Best Ski Station in Małopolska. When going for a ski holiday, it is worth checking recent results, as the winning stations guarantee excellent and safe snow fun. Good conditions on the slopes are also cared for by the Polish Ski and Tourist Stations association (PSNiT), to which many stations in Małopolska belong.