Pomnik Nieznanego Żołnierza Tarnów

Monument of the Unknown Soldier in Tarnów

Monument of the Unknown Soldier in Tarnów
Uwagi nt. dostępności: Monument of the Unknown Soldier in Tarnów -
pl. Ofiar Katynia, Tarnów Tourist subregion: Tarnowski
Facilities at cultural sites: Photographing allowed
Type of historical sites: Pomnik
Erected in 1931, the monument has a form of a grave-mound. The man-made stone mound, made of artificial porphyry and glacial erratics, features a polyhedral sandstone monument bearing the inscription: “To the Unknown Soldier who died for the Fatherland 1914–1920.” The monument is crowned with an urn of the ashes of the unknown fallen soldier, stylized as a tall iron flame, symbolizing an oil lamp. The flowerbed planted with white and red flowers in front complements the monument. In the interwar period, the monument was a site of the most important ceremonies commemorating not only the soldiers fallen in the fight for independence of Poland but also the events of the Great War in Tarnów. The town was occupied by the Russian army for half a year – from November 10, 1914 to May 6, 1915. The town was located right behind the front line since the late December until the liberation, and it survived several series of artillery bombardments, during which the railway station was destroyed among others.
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