Ruiny zamku Bydlin

Castle ruins, Bydlin

Castle ruins, Bydlin
Availability: All-season facility
Notes regarding availability: Bydlin Castle -
Bydlin Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska
Tourist subregion: Krakowski
Facilities at cultural sites: Photographing allowed
Type of historical sites: Fortifications, fortresses and military facilities, Castles, manor houses and palaces
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The origins of the Bydlin Castle date back to the 14th century. Unfortunately, until the present times only the ruins have been preserved – remains of the walls and of a moat which are a part of the Eagles’ Nest Route.
The average thickness of the walls of the Bydlin Castle was a bit more than 2 m and their average height was about 7 m. In the walls, there are traces of walled over embrasures. Apart from the defensive role, the Castle performed religious functions, as about the 16th century it was transformed into a church.
The ruins of the castle are available to visitors. The village of Bydlin is located approximately 10 kilometres from Olkusz.
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